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Articles & Letters

  At Blankenship & Blankenship, PLLC we provide our Articles & Letters page to show you we are serious about providing you the best legal service possible. We offer our articles that have been published in leading publications and a copy of our "Letter to our Clients" that we provide to our clients.

Letter to our Clients
Dear Client:
    The purpose of this letter is to suggest ways we can work together to control your legal fees. Attorneys do cost money, but as you will see, there are ways you can help to limit those costs.
  1. You can greatly reduce "legal footwork" by clearly and concisely completing all the information requested on the Client Interview Form.
  2. Any information you can get regarding... More

Community Service
Pro Bono Attorney of the Month
    Shayla Blankenship, Blankenship & Blankenship PLLC
   Legal Services of Eastern Michigan (LSEM) and the Pro Bono Committee of the Genesee County Bar Association (GCBA) are pleased to honor Shayla Blankenship .....More in Publish(.pub)  ...More in PNG (.png)
Simple Steps to Reduce Litigation Cost for Clients (pdf file)
  By Shayla Blankenship, Family Law Committee Chair

   In this economy, money is tough to come by and litigants are becoming more and more aware of each dollar spent in litigation. As attorneys during the current economic climate, one of our common goals should be to alleviate our clients’ costs when possible, and here are a few suggestions.... More

Times are Tough and I need to move, BUT CAN I? (Doc file)

   In Genesee County, people are being forced to look outside of the State for employment due to dire economic strain. As such, many are asking family law attorneys if .... More

What We Give, What We Get (PDF file)
By Francine Cullari

   In the last issue of Bar Beat, Candace Crowley from the State Bar thanked GCBA members who are active at the state level. To further encourage GCBA members to become involved with SBM, a few of us would like to relate the...More

Attorneys Making a Difference:
Featuring Shayla Blankenship
by Stephanie Cardenas

   Three years ago, Genesee County realized it needed to make a change regarding how its juvenile docket worked. Attorneys were not present for preliminary hearings or family team meetings. Substitutions of counsel were prevalent occurrences due to how the hearings were scheduled....More

Article on State Bar of Michgan...MichBar.org
The Genesee County Bar Association (GCBA) Family Court Committee and Community Action Committee sponsored a diaper drive from December 1 through January 22. When the curtains were parted at the Flint Masonic Temple during the GCBA's January 26 meeting, fluffy offerings spread from one side of the stage to the other. "I'm not surprised by the response," said Barb Dawes, chairperson of the Family Court Committee. "Genesee County attorneys are very generous with their time and money. This is a perfect example of what our attorneys do for the community." ...More

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