Letter to our Clients

Dear Client:
    The purpose of this letter is to suggest ways we can work together to control your legal fees. Attorneys do cost money, but as you will see, there are ways you can help to limit those costs.
  1. You can greatly reduce "legal footwork" by clearly and concisely completing all the information requested on the Client Interview Form.
  2. Any information you can get regarding bank accounts, annual pension reports, stocks, etc., will help and save you my time in trying to obtain this information through the other attorney or other legal process.
  3. A letter or email is an inexpensive way of keeping me up to date on information I need to know about your case. If you wish advice on a current situation, a letter or email gives me a chance to think about your problem before I communicate with you. It takes much less time for me to read a letter or email than to have a telephone conversation or conference.
    For example, if I spend 24 minutes (.4 hour) on the telephone and another 12 minutes (.2 hour) writing a memo on that call for the file, it will cost .6 hours at $195 per hour or $117. If on the other hand, I spend 6 minutes (.1 hour) reviewing a letter and another 12 minutes (.2 hour) discussing it with you, it will cost .3 hours at $195 or $58.
    As you can see the frequency or lengthy phone calls add up quickly. In addition, a letter provides a written document that I can keep in your file for review. And if you are confused about something, putting it down on paper and seeing it in black and white is often helpful to both of us.
  4. Since you will be billed for all of the time that I spend on your case, you will save money whenever you can do your own negotiating, for example, on day to day issues such as who pays the car insurance or other bills, parenting time arrangements, etc. Whenever a lawyer is asked to negotiate on your behalf, costs escalate. You will pay for (1) your telephone call to me, (2) my telephone call to the other attorney, (3) his or her reply to me after contacting your spouse; and my response to you.
You might be able to think of other ways we can work together efficiently. If each of us considers what needs to be done and the costs and benefits of each task, we can do the best job for the case with the available resources.

Times are tough and our firm is keenly aware of every dollar spent representing you and your family. We appreciate your business. We want to use your money wisely. There is a job to be done and if we work together, it can be accomplished.


            Erin D. Blankenship                                Shayla D. Blankenship

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